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About Dr. Rahman

Dr. Milladur Rahman is an Associate Professor at the Department of Clinical Science, Malmö, Faculty of Medicine, Lund University. Dr. Rahman's academic journey began in Bangladesh, where he completed his graduation in Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering at Khulna University. Subsequently, he embarked on a master's program at Faculty of Engineering, Lund University. In 2007, he received his Master of Science degree in Biotechnology.

Dr. Rahman's pursuit of knowledge led him to Lund University's Faculty of Medicine, where he earned his PhD in 2012, followed by his initial postdoctoral training in Clinical Medicine in 2014. In 2016, he furthered his research career through a second Postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University in the United States. This prestigious endeavor was supported by the Swedish Research Council postdoctoral fellowship. During his research at Stanford University, he uncovered the process by which capillary endothelium transforms into high endothelial venule (HEV) through intermediate cells known as 'transit amplifying' cells. 

At Lund University, Dr. Rahman's research is centered on experimental and computational approaches aimed at unraveling the molecular mechanisms underpinning diseases like sepsis and colorectal cancer. His prolific research output comprises over 50 peer-reviewed articles published in esteemed journals. Dr. Rahman has been recognized and invited to present his findings at many conferences worldwide. His overarching ambition is to establish an innovative translational genomics program dedicated to advancing research in colorectal cancer, with the goal of making substantial contributions in the field.

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